Our Services

What does Pacific Resort Hotel Group do for our properties to ensure they excel?

First steps
Our first step with any project we embark upon is to roll up our sleeves and evaluate each property from roof to mattress, and from balance sheet to marketing plan, with a view to determining clear common goals and related timelines.

Technical Assistance
This service focuses on the flow of efficiency between departments within a hotel property. Early planning of a proper hotel design and layout can maximise the efficiency of both the building and staff. The ultimate goal of this exercise is to provide dollar savings to the owner.

Hotel and Resort Management
This service starts in the planning stages of a hotel. Emphasis is placed on the detail-orientated, day-to-day operations of the property, which provides high levels of guest satisfaction, consistent quality and services and, most importantly, lucrative bottom line profitability.

Effective Support
PRHG will provide strategic direction and effective support for each aspect of hospitality management. In addition, we provide proven management systems and facilitate inter-department relationship building. In our view, the key to success is in ensuring all departments work together to achieve common goals.

Financial Management Support
Each PRHG property will benefit from specific business forecasting tools and systematic cost and operation control, resulting in increased efficiencies. PRHG will improve your property’s financial performance by:
  • Careful financial management and cost control 
  • Implementing astute marketing and business development programmes to maximise occupancy, property wide revenues and guest loyalty through the PRHG network
  • Taking care of our guests through high standards of service and product.

Corporate Marketing
This service delivers a clear message to our customers in international standard hotels and resorts at strategic locations in the South Pacific though various marketing and sales support activities. These could include: product analysis and positioning, brand management, cross-property marketing and selling, marketing programs and promotions, advertising, public relations, direct mail, direct sales activities and global distribution channels.

Group Marketing Services 
PRHG has established a group marketing fund used to implement group marketing promotions primarily in the international market. Marketing efforts are being focused on advertising, direct mail, marketing communications/public relations, direct sales, sales offices and central reservations.

While the group marketing fund is operated and directly affiliated with PRHG, it is set up as a separate entity. Its expenditure is based on a zero based annual budget, with funds being fully spent on promoting all of the properties within the system.

By taking this unique approach, it is the intention of the fund to provide the hotels with the capability to be actively marketed internationally, which they would not be able to do as a stand-alone property, by having the economy of scale of pooled resources on a group wide basis. The scope of services under the marketing services agreement can be supplied upon request - contact us for more information.

Human Resources Management
We place great emphasis on the area of Human Resources because we believe that people are one of the most important resources in an organisation. This management function focuses on key Human Resources strategies that impact the bottom line. Please click here to read more about working at PRHG.