CIMTECH - The Te Tika Range


CIMTECH (Cook Islands Medical Technologies) is a natural products research and development company that draws on the traditional medicines of the Cook Islands to bring new natural beauty skincare, cosmeceuticals, dermatological and pharmaceutical products to the market. IMTECH was founded in 2008 by Dr Graham Matheson after 5 years of extensive research conducted at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia into the medical benefits of a specific, extensively-used, traditional plant-based remedy.

Using the tools of evidence-based medicine, Dr Matheson's research data combined with clinical observations, highlighted the potential for indigenous natural products to revolutionise the science and medicine of bone fractures, skin rejuvenation and wound healing. CIMTECH has four patent applications.

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The TeTika skin care range has been developed with CIMTECH's BioActive Cook Islands oil. This natural product is based on Australian scientific research and incorporates traditional Cook Islands medicines to create a unique skin care range that has regenerative and anti-aging effects. TeTika range will be available at the CITC and the Pacific Resort Rarotonga and Pacific Resort Aitutaki.

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