PRHG Intern Programme

The Pacific Resort Hotel Group (PRHG) Marketing Intern Programme provides an excellent opportunity to work with the Cook Islands' leading resort group, based in their head office located on the stunning Muri Beach & Lagoon in Rarotonga. PRHG is a boutique hotel & resort management company which manages three award-winning resorts under the Pacific Resort brand (Pacific Resort Rarotonga & Pacific Resort Aitutaki) and another, Te Manava Luxury Villas & Spa - all three are based in the Cook Islands. 

The PRHG Marketing Intern Programme is ongoing, with intern placements covering a wide range of marketing disciplines. This is not the typical internship, you will be doing real marketing work! We will expect you to take initiative and make a noticeable contribution. It is an incredible opportunity to learn and contribute towards promoting the South Pacific’s leading Resort Group. Interns will report & work closely with the Marketing Services Manager to implement specific projects.

Compensation will be provided in the way of

- Accommodation onsite at Pacific Resort Rarotonga in self-contained apartments (including utilities) 
- Meals (including non-alcoholic beverages) at Pacific Resort Rarotonga for this period seven days per week
- A great opportunity to learn & gain solid marketing work experience with the Cook Island's leading hotel group
- Chance to work & holiday in Rarotonga
- Travel Insurance
- Return flights to Rarotonga, exiting Australia and New Zealand
- 1 x Massage Treatment at Te Manava Luxury Villa & Spa
- 1 x Lagoon Cruise onboard Moana Roa

Period: Typically 3 - 6 month period depending on the internship.
Hours: 40 Hour working week – Monday to Friday.

Qualifications knowledge & skills

Prefer a responsible university graduate or final year university student working on a marketing or communication degree (or relevant qualification). A high degree of organisation and self-motivation is required along with strong communications skills. This person must quickly learn the product and the market so they can contribute. 

Marketing placements currently available
Marketing Co-ordinator Intern - The Marketing Intern will help to coordinate & assist with marketing & administrative activities & events including updating of marketing templates, inventory and tracking & reporting of marketing activities. Confidence in Microsoft Office, Photoshop & InDesign is advantageous.


If interested please send through CV & Cover letter to:

Esther Williams
Marketing Services Manager
Pacific Resort Hotel Group 

From time we offer internship opportunities in other departments within PRHG. This varies from food & beverage to administration departments. 

Hear what some of our recent interns had to say

Looking back on my internship with Pacific Resort Hotel Group, I can confidently say I have grown as both a marketing professional and as an individual. 

As Marketing Coordinator, I contributed towards a variety of design projects, social media strategy and electronic database mailing. From the moment I stepped foot in the marketing office, I felt my opinions were valid and taken on board.  This internship has been an amazing experience, in which I have gained an invaluable marketing skill set, learnt a great deal about the tourism sector and the practice of cultural sensitivity. 

Thanks to Esther and the fantastic marketing team I was fortunate enough to work alongside, I am now very excited to take the next step in my career. However, I will never forget my time in this gorgeous South Pacific setting and all it has taught me. 

Latoya Farrell , Marketing Coordinator Intern, May 2015 - July 2015 (Australia)

Spending five months in the Cook Islands as a Marketing Coordinator Intern with Pacific Resort Hotel Group was such a rewarding experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in marketing within the tourism industry. 

The aspect I loved the most about the internship was that Esther challenged me every day and there was never a time when I wasn't learning something new. I always felt like my ideas and input into the company were highly valued and it was very rewarding to see them being incorporated into the marketing strategy. Having completed a Marketing degree, it was great to keep learning with Pacific Resort Hotel Group in the way of advancing my copywriting skills, showing my creative flair on Adobe InDesign and analysing social media performance, just to name a few. 

There wasn't a better place that I could have gained this marketing experience. Rarotonga is a beautiful island and there aren't many other places that you can go paddle boarding on the lagoon straight after work! Thank you Esther for the opportunity, you have taught me things that I know will benefit me immensely in the future.

Emma Beaumont , Marketing Coordinator Intern, December 2014 - April 2015 ( New Zealand)

Since the start of my internship I learnt so much, not only about marketing resorts but about how a resort is actually managed. It has been an amazing experience and I felt all my ideas and every input was valued by the team. I was given big responsibilities such as implementing new social media strategies. I am very grateful to Esther who was my mentor and taught me how to use Adobe Indesign. 

I would definitely recommend this internship to anyone who wants to develop a career in international marketing in the tourism industry, as well as gain experience living and working in a hidden South Pacific gem - Cook Islands.

Nitisha Bhogal , Marketing Coordinator Intern, November 2014 - April 2015 (United Kingdom)

Working at Pacific Resort Hotel Group was an amazing experience, I learned a lot both on a professional and a personal level. Joining a small marketing team means that you have the chance to work on a variety of tasks, ranging from social media, press releases, design, website editing and business intelligence assignments among others. 

For me it was also the opportunity to gain insight into the hospitality industry, as well as to discover the Cook Islands workplace culture. The PRHG team makes you feel welcome right away, I really appreciated that managers are always available and ready to share their knowledge. I have travelled many places and I can honestly say that the islands of Aitutaki and Rarotonga are as close to heaven as you can get on earth. 

This internship is a unique opportunity, seize it right away!

Clara Notté , Marketing Coordinator Intern, August 2014 - November 2014 (France)

The Pacific Resort Hotel Group Internship Programme has been one of the most rewarding and incredible experiences of my life. As a recent journalism graduate I was eager to gain experience and explore what the marketing world had to offer. 

The role is incredibly varied and has allowed me to develop my copywriting and design skills, while learning how to manage multiple social media pages, update and edit websites as well as gain an excellent understanding of tourism marketing. My experience here has secured me a job in marketing back in my home town, and I now feel more than ready to start my professional career. 

The location of the resort couldn’t be more perfect and the weekends by the beach make the working week more than worth it! Coming to work everyday has been an absolute joy, and Esther is a patient and kind mentor. I would happily recommend this internship to anyone who loves beautiful destinations and wants to gain international marketing experience. 

Susannah Treacy, Marketing Coordinator Intern, February 2014 - August 2014 (Australia)

Being a recent graduate with a background in communication I was interested in learning more about the marketing side of the industry – this is what motivated me to apply for the internship programme at Pacific Resort Hotel Group.

From day one, I began working on projects that provided me with an invaluable insight into marketing world class products to consumers from around the world. Unlike other internships, this placement gave me the opportunity to apply my skill set to real marketing projects, while learning useful skills I can apply to my forthcoming career.

I would recommend the programme to anyone looking to gain new skills, internationalize their resume, while making memories that will stay with you for life.

Jason Keall, Marketing Coordinator Intern, March 2014 - June 2014 (New Zealand)

Living and working in Rarotonga has been an incredible experience. The people are warm and friendly, the weather is glorious, and the location is seriously stunning. Why more people don’t move here I have no idea. It certainly beats spending winter in the UK.

The internship with Pacific Resort Hotel Group has been so worthwhile. The role is varied and I’ve found myself doing everything from PR and copywriting to design and video-editing. In addition I’ve gained valuable insights in to Sales & Reservations and Resort Management from the team in the Corporate Office, who have been a pleasure to work with every day.

This was a unique experience that I would recommend to anyone looking to develop their professional skillset in a fun and challenging environment.

Holly Tennant, Marketing Coordinator Intern, December 2013 - March 2014 (United Kingdom)

There’s no better way to spend the 40-hour working week than with Pacific Resort Hotel Group – combining hands-on marketing experience, a great working atmosphere and a stunning island backdrop!

I was blessed enough to have the opportunity to return to my parents’ homeland of the Cook Islands and spend four months working in paradise. The marketing internship provided me with invaluable experience across a number of disciplines including design, website management, PR and advertising, and also provided great insight into other areas such as Sales, Reservations and Resort Operations.

My time living and working in the Cook Islands was an unforgettable experience and I thank the beautiful people and the wonderful company that made my stay one to remember.

Kia Manuia!

April Revake, Marketing Coordinator Intern, October 2013 - January 2014 (New Zealand)

Being the Executive Support intern at Pacific Resort Hotel Group was perfect for me as an International Business Management student returning to the Cook Islands for the 9th time, the first time being when I was only 7 years old!
I have great memories of playing on these beaches as a child and couldn’t wait to be a part of Pacific Resort’s up-and-coming corporate team. The majority of my five month internship was spent independently compiling a user-friendly HR manual and other HR resources for the 3 properties and through all of my work I was able to build on my knowledge from university as well as previous internships.
Best of all, I was never “just an intern” – I reported directly to Greg Stanaway, CEO of the hotel group; I was always expected to contribute and my input was valued.
To top it off, I became a scuba diver, made a bunch of friends and lived on a tropical island for 5 months! I would recommend this internship without a doubt.

Christina Roger, Executive Support Intern, August 2013 - January 2014 (Switzerland/Canada)

It has been a pleasure to be part of a leading resort of the South Pacific and to contribute to a very driven and successful hotel management company. This internship enabled me to gain insights into the hospitality industry – not only from the marketing perspective but also from the management, sales and operations side. Throughout this experience I significantly improved my marketing knowledge in the areas of graphic design, social media, website tracking and coordination of marketing activities. 

From the first day on I felt integrated, people in the resort are very welcoming and helpful. I especially liked working within a young international team. The Cook Islands are a truly unspoiled paradise and the perfect place to relax after a long week. The highlight was definitely a trip to Aitutaki. 

Facing the challenges of working and living on a remote tropical island in a foreign cultural environment is a very unique experience and I would recommend this internship to anyone seeking a new adventure as well as professional and personal development.

Barbora Pocuchova, Marketing Coordinator Intern, June - September 2013 (Czech Republic)

During my internship with Pacific Resort Hotel Group, I've worked as a Marketing Coordinator on various projects, everything from photography, graphic design, social media to film editing. I was assigned with projects that really enriched my learning curve and work experience within the marketing team.

For me, the most exiting part of this internship has been working closely with the General Manager of Marketing and Communications - Rawinia Lange, who taught me valuable lessons on how to communicate strategically on behalf of an award winning hotel group.

While working with the team on various tasks, I further improved how to set priorities and how to finish the work in the most effective way. It's really exciting learning new things every day, especially when there is so much going on within the tourism industry. I highly recommend the Pacific Resort Hotel Group Marketing Internship programme.

Melanie Baylis, Marketing Coordinator Intern, October 2012 - May 2013 (New Zealand)

My time working as a Communications Coordinator Intern for the Pacific Resort Hotel Group, based in Rarotonga, has been invaluable in terms of gaining real-time experience working in a marketing and communications role. 

I worked closely with senior members of the corporate team and on projects of real consequence for the company, which in turn allowed me to develop my existing skill set and pick up new abilities outside my area of expertise.

Overall the experience has been an exceedingly positive one, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to others. The fact that the job is based at a location world-renowned for being a tropical island paradise doesn't hurt either!

Yvonne Brill, Marketing Communications Intern, Jan - April 2013 (New Zealand)

My name is Himiwa and I am Swiss and Madagascan! I'm currently studying International Hospitality Management at the Lausanne Hotel School (EHL) in Switzerland. As part of my studies, I had the opportunity to do a five-month internship in an administrative department and I decided to come here as the Executive Support intern of the Pacific Resort Hotel Group. Why did I choose the Cook Islands? Because I visited these islands many times in the past, and mostly because I was willing to take up the challenges of working within a growing hotel company in a different cultural environment.

I have mainly conducted an independent project for the establishment of standard procedures for the group and this has been really diverse, from very administrative tasks to the audit of the Beach Hut activities! Working for PRHG has truly been a one-in-a-lifetime experience that I will be sharing when I will head back to the Alps! I believe you will have as much fun during your stay in Rarotonga as I am having here every day…

Ka kite

Himiwa Rakotomavo, Executive Support Intern, June - November 2012 (Switzerland)

The marketing internship with Pacific Resort Hotel Group is hands down the best experience I have ever had. The staff and management at the resort were fantastic; constantly going above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable in my work, my accommodation and in the wider Pacific Resort community. The internship was exciting, challenging and beneficial, not to mention located in one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Rarotongan lifestyle has truly sunken in. I am incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience such a spectacular place with such amazing people.

Thank you Pacific Resort Hotel Group for your kindness and hospitality.

Esther Williams, Marketing Coordinator Intern, May - October 2012 (New Zealand)