Annah Stretton

Annah Stretton – Style Announcement – June 2012

Annah Stretton sends out a monthly Style Announcement to her customers which can be found on her website. In her June 2012 Style Announcement ‘Lifestyle’ section, Annah discusses Pacific Resort Aitutaki and Rarotonga as her pick for your next Winter getaway.

Annah Stretton – Her Magazine – Aug to Sept 2012

Her Magazine hosts Annah Stretton’s article about her trip to the beautiful Aitutaki, Cook Islands with her husband and her two children. Staying at our 5 star resort, Pacific Resort Aitutaki, Annah’s article goes on to tell of all of the adventures that can be found on our small island in paradise.

The Life and Times of Annah Stretton

Get a sneak peak into the life and times of Annah Stretton on her blog at "I am very excited about the prospect of composing a regular blog. I seem to have so much that happens in my life that I am sure a lot of it will be of benefit to so many."

Island Talk TV interview with Annah Stretton

Rawinia Lange from Pacific Resort Hotel Group interviews Annah Stretton for Island Talk TV. Take a look at the interview transcript.