About Pacific Resort Hotel Group

Pacific Resort Hotel Group (PRHG) is a hotel and resort owner and management company that specialises in operating boutique 4 and 5-star properties in the South Pacific. Based in the Cook Islands, PRHG currently owns and operates 3 of the country’s leading properties with plans for further development in the future. 

World class properties in a world class destination

Each of the properties developed and operated by PRHG displays key features that clearly identify it as a PRHG property – an outstanding natural location, contemporary Pacific architecture and landscaping, and a high standard of service and facilities. All 3 properties owned and operated by the Group are multi award-winning resorts and of world class standard.

A history of success

Established in 2003, PRHG specialises in operating properties of 100 rooms or less in the South Pacific as a professional boutique resort and hotel management company. Our team is dedicated to developing boutique island resort and hotel experiences with a focus on producing positive outcomes for all properties and stakeholders, including the Pacific community within which we operate. Strong leadership and management means our values filter though all levels of the business and our properties pride themselves on being part of a leading brand in boutique resort and hotel management.

Our vision
To develop boutique resort and hotel experiences that highlights the unique local culture, architecture and environment of our locations. We seek to deliver exceptional Cook Islands accommodation, high quality amenities and world class guest services attractive to discerning travellers. We envision this resulting in a strong cash income for property owners in order to sustain future growth. 

Our philosophy 
Success is the product of traditional management values, enhanced by the dynamics of creative-thinking. 

Our commitment
One of our fundamental corporate goals is to commit our expertise, experience and service as a hotel provider to ensuring the success of our property owners and employees in providing exceptional experiences for our guests, thus ensuring a thriving future for every enterprise we are involved in.

Corporate social responsibility
PRHG is committed to demonstrating an exemplary manner regarding its economic, social and environmental responsibilities to both the international and local communities in which we operate.