Island Talk TV with Annah Stretton

Kia Orana and welcome to Island Talk TV. My name is Rawinia Lange from Pacific Resort Hotel Group and I am joined today by Annah Stretton.

Kia Orana Annah and thank you for your time today…

General Questions: 

What is a typical day like for Annah Stretton? 

Most of my days I focus on how to make the boat go faster… its still pretty tough in the New Zealand market... so every day I look at how I can drive my point of difference and increase the bottom line result!

What are some of your key projects in the coming months for you? 

At the retail level we have recently opened several new concept stores. These stores present a collection of fashion-related retailing in one space, make-up, florist, shoes, clothing, even free-range and organic food via a cool cafe. They are designed to create an extraordinary shopping experience for women all under one roof. We will be opening our fifth version of this type of store in July in Pukekohe .

What keeps you energised & focused?

I know it may sound cliché but I really do love what I do. So energy is just not a problem. Keeping focused just requires lots of discipline and I have never had any shortage of this.

What advice do give to women who are juggling multiple commitments? 

There are no short cuts or a magic wand moment I can share, so it comes down to prioritisation. Make sure you always do the 20% of the workload that really will make a difference to your business or personal life. Quite often the other 80% has very little return for you.

You have just come back from a holiday at Pacific Resort Aitutaki with your family, what were some highlights for you and your family?

A week in paradise... so many highlights, but just having that quality time with the three people I love most made it very special for me. The Resort is a fantastic space to relax, unwind and get to know each other again.

You have been to the Cooks a few times, what draws you back?

I just love the rhythm and the pace of the Islands. The warmth, the idyllic surrounds and the friendliness of the people all combine to seduce me within moments of landing. It's also got a special place as it was a part of my early school days when my dad took a government posting in Rarotonga. I was 9 years old at the time and went to school on the island.

Fun Short one liners:

You know me as a designer, publisher, businesswomen, mentor & entrepreneur, but in another life I would be in a studio painting huge artworks.

I am very good at... thinking of amazing new business ideas

I am very bad at... being distracted from current core projects by thinking of amazing new ideas

Something that would surprise you to know about me is... I am allergic to horses

Your favourite activity whilst on holiday in the Cook Islands is... reading mystery love novels

Give us a song that comes to mind when you think of the Cook Islands... Islands in the Sun - Kenny and Dolly 

Sum up your Pacific Resort Aitutaki experience in 3 words... Luxury, Rhythm, Family

Sum up your Te Manava experience in 3 words... Privacy, Suntrap, Flexible Space (oops four words there) 

Any tips or must do's for visitors experiencing the Cook Islands for the first time? Turn of the cell phone when you land!